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Personal Video Production

Do you have photos piling up in boxes or hidden away in drawers? Are your video clips languishing on hard drives because you’re not quite sure what to do with them?

This is where Vivid Memories can step in - transforming your treasure trove of memorabilia into a unique DVD video.

In an initial consultation we start out with your selections of old and new photographs, video and audio tapes. We scan and convert them to digital form where required. Then we edit and combine them together using transition and overlay effects, adding your choice of music.

Displayed on modern media, old photographs can be seen with new eyes. Scattered images can be brought together in context and continuity.

The final result will be a lasting video tribute, whether of a single milestone in life or of a whole lifetime. It could be a record of a child's early years, a graduation, a wedding, or a celebration of a life recently ended. Or it could be a memento of a special holiday, a reunion event, or a honeymoon. It could be any cherished memory you want to preserve.

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